Welcome to WebDrive NextGen!

New performance enhancements and updates can help you to be even more productive with WebDrive! WebDrive NextGen is here!

What is NextGen?

This latest release is a complete rebuild of WebDrive, so some things will be different, including the upgrade process and operating system support. Here are some important technical details:

  • Only 64-bit architecture will be supported
  • You will be notified in app when updates are available, giving you the option of upgrading to the latest version. 
  • From the release of NextGen forward, we will release updates as new build numbers. This enables us to get new features and fixes delivered quickly to you, rather than rolling them up into a large annual release.
Connect to cloud servers and popular services with WebDrive.
Easily set up connections to all your cloud storage.

WebDrive NextGen features:

  • WebDrive for Mac and WebDrive for Windows will now have the same feature set. Our Windows client has long been one of the most robust clients available, and now the Mac version will have the same functionality.
  • A brand new, easy-to-use and intuitive interface with settings that are much easier for users to manage.
  • Intuitive change notifications for caching - items are not removed from cache unless a need exists, significantly improving performance.
  • Significantly improved performance for Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint connectors.


The upgrade process to WebDrive NextGen is different than in previous versions. This informative video will show you what to do.