WebDrive License

WebDrive® – End User License Agreement Single Seat License

Microsoft Windows® and Apple Macintosh®

This license is agreed to by the end user prior to installing the software.

This license is a legal agreement between you, the end user and South River Technologies, Inc. (“SRT”). The software is licensed to you only if you accept all of the terms contained in this license agreement. Before installing the software, please read the terms and conditions of this license agreement. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, then SRT does not license the software to you.


The software that accompanies this license is the property of SRT, and is protected by copyright laws. You will have certain rights to use the software after you accept this license. Your rights and obligations regarding the use of this software are:

You may:

  1. Install one copy of the software on a single computer OR install one registered copy of the software on up to 2 computers when used by a single user.
  1. Make one copy of the software for archival purposes, either by copying the software onto a diskette or a hard disk on a computer;
  1. Install the software on a server for the purpose of distribution to licensed users; provided you have a license for each computer;
  1. Make copies of the documentation for your personal use
  1. Use a registration code obtained directly from SRT, or by an authorized distributor of this software. Use of license codes obtained other than directly through SRT or one of its Au-thorized Resellers or Electronic Software Distributors (ESD’s) may constitute a copyright violation.

You may not:

  1. Distribute registration codes, either in hard copy, electronic form or by postings on unse-cured web sites and bulletin boards or similar facilities, without the express written con-sent of SRT;
  1. Copy the documentation for the purpose of distribution, or distribute the documentation in electronic or hard copy form;
  1. Sublicense, rent, lease or resell any portion of the software;
  1. Decompile, modify, translate, disassemble or reverse engineer the software; or otherwise display the source code in any human-readable form;
  1. Create derivative works based upon this software;
  1. Install this license of WebDrive in a Terminal Services® environment if more than a single named-user will access WebDrive through Terminal Services. A WebDrive multi-seat license must be purchased to accommodate each named user who will access WebDrive through Terminal Services. The license must accommodate individual named users, not concurrent users;
  1. Use a registration code obtained from an unauthorized distributor of this software. If you determine that you are in possession of an unauthorized registration code, you are re-quired to uninstall the registration code from the software, and destroy all copies, (elec-tronic or hard copy) of the registration code. Failure to do this constitutes a violation of copyright laws, and the user may be subject to criminal prosecution.


SRT does not warrant that this software will meet your needs, or that the software or operation of the software will be error free. If this software does not perform as documented within the user documen-tation or help system, you are entitled, at SRT’s discretion, to a full refund within 30 days of purchase of this product. SRT may, at its option, provide a software fix or reasonable work-around in place of a refund.


In no event will SRT be liable to you for any consequential, special or indirect damages, including lost profits or lost data, arising from the use of, or inability to use this software, even if SRT has been ad-vised of the possibility of such damages. In no case shall SRT’s liability exceed the purchase price of this software.


This license agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Maryland. This agreement is the complete agreement between SRT and you, and supersedes all prior agreements, oral and written, with respect to the subject matter contained herein. This agreement may only be modified by a license ad-dendum which accompanies this license, or by a written document signed by SRT and you. If you have any questions about this license agreement, write to:

South River Technologies, Inc. 1910 Towne Centre Blvd

Suite 250

Annapolis, Maryland 21401 USA