Updating WebDrive

Update WebDrive

The best way to find out if you are eligible for updates is to run a Check for Update. If you have purchased or renewed your software after a lapse in your activation period, you’ll need to follow the Deactivate and Reactivate License section first.

Deactivate and Reactivate License

1.  Launch WebDrive

2.  Click the “Settings” icon

3.  Choose “Deactivate”

4.  Choose “Activate License” and enter your new license

Update WebDrive Software

SRT updates its software periodically to keep up with fast-changing security standards. You should update your software regularly. You can either check for updates manually, or configure WebDrive to check for updates each time it launches.

1.   Launch WebDrive

2.   Click the Settings icon

3.   To manually check for an available update, click “Check for update”

4.   Check the box for “Check for program updates” to automatically check for updates

5.   WebDrive can update and then restart itself to update. No system restart required