WebDrive License Renewal FAQ

What does Maintenance and Support include?

When you purchase a license with Maintenance and Support, you can use any product version that was released during your maintenance period. It also entitles you to technical support from our world-class tech support team on our online tech support portal.


How do I renew support on an existing license of WebDrive?

You can check your upgrade eligibility by running the “Check for Update” feature in your admin console. You will be prompted if renewal is required. "Check for Update" will list the latest version and whether you can download as part of active maintenance or if you need to purchase because your maintenance has expired.

You can also renew support on an existing license of WebDrive by visiting this page: https://webdrive.com/purchase/upgrade/. If you are still unsure if you are eligible for upgrade pricing, please contact sales@southrivertech.com and someone will assist you.


How can I request a quote for a new license or a renewal?

You can request a quote by contacting sales@southrivertech.com.


Can I still use WebDrive if I don’t renew?

WebDrive is a perpetual license and your license will continue to work even if you choose not to renew. However, without current Maintenance and Support, you will not be eligible for technical support or any fixes, product updates, etc.

*Please note that licenses expired by 12 or more months are not eligible for upgrade pricing and will require the purchase of a new license.


Why is it important to renew my Maintenance and Support?

A Maintenance and Support renewal ensures continuous access to tech support and product updates (major and minor). When Maintenance and Support has lapsed, you may be required to purchase a new license, so it is imperative that you keep your license up to date.


Can I just pay for technical support when needed?

Since you can’t predict if and when you will need support, it is not suggested that you purchase support on an as-needed basis. Purchasing Tech Support in advance allows you to receive support in a timely fashion. If you are having an issue, you'll want prompt assistance, without going through the process of getting payment approved and support time scheduled.

Remember: Maintenance and Support not only entitles you to support, but also to ALL new releases and fixes during your license period.

Can I upgrade just part of my multi-seat license?

Multi-seat licenses are convenient, as they are designed for easy mass deployment and cost-savings. They consist of only one registration code that can be installed on a certain number of desktops. However, since multi-seat licenses use just one registration code, we are unable to break a license apart and upgrade only part of it.