Release Notes

Version 2019 (Release Date - 2/9/2019)

  • Build 5345 2/11/2020: Support IMB Cloud directory listings over 1000 files.
  • Build 5343 12/10/2019: Fixed SharePoint online issue with subsites with ampersand or other special characters in the name resulting in empty directory listings.
  • Build 5338 11/27/2019: Fixed SFTP issue when block I/O setting was enabled with some SFTP servers where file data could end up invalid.
  • Build 5337 11/18/2019: Removed Amazon Cloud Connector due to Amazon dropping support for third party clients. Also when testing for write access remove any trailing dots on upload test file.
  • Build 5336 11/11/2019: New: Added support for Dropbox team space for business accounts.
  • Build 5335 11/7/2019: Fix for Dropbox renaming into an existing file was not overwriting the file
  • Build 5334 10/28/2019: Fix for saving office files that could result in file not found or other errors.
  • Build 5333 10/4/2019: Fix for Dropbox throttling for error 429
  • Build 5332 8/22/2019: Fix SharePoint Online issue when subsites had underscores in the name
  • Build 5329 8/19/2019: Add support for Google Cloud Storage accounts by using google interoperability
  • Build 5327 8/9/2019: Fix OneDrive site setup issue by logging out before setting up a new connection
  • Build 5324 7/8/2019: Change browser emulation for oAuth login types

New: Amazon s3 large file upload performance boost by uploading multiple parts of the file simultaneously.

New: Batch delete feature for Amazon S3 to speed up large file deletes

New: OneDrive consumer Graph API support

Fixes: Various fixes for Sharepoint Online,, and other issues see full release notes in product installer.


Version 2018 (Release Date - 3/9/2018)

New: Endpoint Protection Feature that can optionally only allow certain applications to modify files on drives.

New: If file is DAV locked by another user don't allow deletion of files.

New: Fixed SharePoint Online issue with cache file validation, this option can now be used for SharePoint and OneDrive Business.


Version 2017 (Release Date - 3/7/2017)

New: Google Drive "Shared with Me" - This will create a “Shared With Me” folder in the root drive of each user's mapped drive that will list files and folders that other users have shared with the Google Drive user.

New: Google Docs Support - This will show files that are Google Doc files in the drive with icons that are the same as they would see when viewing the Google Drive in a browser and when clicking on them opens up a browser for editing the Google Doc file.

New: New Office 365/SharePoint Online connector which supports checkout/checkin (locking).

New: OneDrive Business "Shared with Me" - Creates a “Shared with Me” folder for OneDrive and OneDrive Business users where files and folders that are shared with the current user will show up for editing/viewing.

New: Caching Performance Increase. Very large folders with many files in them will now operate much quicker.

New: Hidden file support for SharePoint.

New: Allow specification of a root folder for OneDrive Business connections by allowing user to specify the path on the URL.

New: Windows 10 RS2 Support & Server 2016 Support.

Version 2016 (Release Date - 1/26/2016)

New: Support for service.

New: New SFTP cipher support.
New: Amazon S3 V4 Authentication support.
Build: 4278 - Fix for Amazon V4 authentication on folders with '-' symbol in the path which resulted in 403 errors.
Build: 4278 - Fix for WebDAV Windows authentication when a 403 error is returned we will now trigger re-authentication.
Build: 4278 - Fix for check for update to launch executable after downloading new version
Build: 4282 - Fix for regcode activation issue saying regcode was expired.
Build: 4282 - Fix for FTP time zone adjust minutes being inverted
Build: 4288 - Fix for WebDAV error when going offline and back online again generating 400 bad request error when using digast authentication.
Build: 4289 - Fix for Amazon cloud showing empty folders after access token expired.
Build: 4289 - Fix for SFTP not connecting to some servers
Build: 4289 - Fix for Saving PDF files in chrome.
Build: 4296 - Fix for incorrect file size reported when a file changes on server but is also cached locally.
Build: 4299 - Fix for CPU spike when failing to connect to a server.
Build: 4299 - Fix for registry import problem when importing very long lines.
Build: 4301 - Fix for files edited while offline files not being uploaded after going back online.
Build: 4310 - Fix for GoogleDrive new site profile setup issue that could result in 403 errors for some google accounts.
Build: 4310 - Added SHA256 code signing to executable files to get rid of IE download warning about corrupt download.
Build: 4310 - Fix for offline possibly not showing files if the directory listing was flushed from cache before going offline.
Build: 4313 - Fix for SHA-3 SFTP handshake issue.

Build: 4314 - 4/13/2016 Fix for SFTP directory listings with many thousands of files not working.
Build: 4314 - 4/13/2016 Add OneDrive 2.0 API support for business and consumer which allows for setting modified date/time on file uploads for synchronization (consumer only)
Build: 4317 - 4/14/2016 Fix for Dropbox filenames with empersand character in them
Build: 4324 - 5/3/2016 New: Add SAML Authentication for SharePoint Online WebDAV connections
Build: 4326 - 5/16/2016 Fix: FTP directory listing issue for virtual folders while using MLSD command
Build: 4327 - 5/20/2016 New: Added quota support for OneDrive connectors
Build: 4329 - 5/27/2016 Fix: SFTP handshake issue with some servers
Build: 4346 - 6/8/2016 Fix: Removed calls to windows shell from network provider to prevent potential issues
Build: 4354 - 7/8/2016 Fix: Remove INTERACTIVE flag for NT service.
Build: 4355 - 7/18/2016 Fix: Prompt for password when WebDAV connections have username specified but no password set.