Raising Quota Limits in WebDrive

Increasing the Storage Limit in WebDrive

WebDrive has a built-in disk quota (storage alotment) of 4 terrabytes. A disk quota value is required by many systems, including Cornerstone. Why?

When WebDrive connects, it first looks for a quota (if supported) provided by the server. For example, say your server is limited to 500 GB of storage. Assuming the server supports quotas and provides the quota value, WebDrive will show that the limit is 500 GB.

However, some enterprise servers don’t support quotas or don’t provide quotas normally, or they may have server software WebDrive cannot interface with in order to read the specified quota. In this case, WebDrive will provide a default value of 4TB, which is sufficient for most organizations. For organizations where a higher limit is necessary, this value is easy to change.

To increase the storage limit in WebDrive:

  1. Open the registry editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\South River Technologies\WebDrive\Connections\(Your Site Profile Name)
  2. Find QuotaMB and change the value to something greater, depending on how large you would like the limit to be.