Connecting to Multiple Accounts in the Same Cloud

WebDrive and Multiple Cloud Services

You can set up multiple cloud accounts to connect with WebDrive simultaneously. You can also connect multiple accounts to the same cloud (for instance, a personal and professional OneDrive account).

For example...

Create your OneDrive Account following Microsoft’s steps. Afterward, make sure you’ve logged out of the account (if necessary, log in and then log out again).

Create a site profile for this account in the WebDrive console, using the same credentials.

Create the second OneDrive account, the same way as the first, and create a site profile in WebDrive with these credentials.

Create an Amazon Cloud account, log out, and create a site profile using those credientials in the WebDrive console.

If all accounts aren’t already connected via WebDrive after site profile creation, connect all accounts as normal (double-click the profile in the console, or right-click it and select Connect from the context menu).

You can continue this for any additional site profiles to be created, ensuring you are logged out for each one. If you have previously-made accounts, simply use the appropriate credentials, making sure the accounts are logged out via a browser.