Installing WebDrive

Activate Your License

Once you’ve purchased a WebDrive license, you can activate your software using these steps:

1. Launch WebDrive

2. Click the Settings icon

3. Click the “Activate License” button

4. Enter the License Information and choose to Activate

Update WebDrive

SRT updates its software periodically to keep up with fast-changing security standards. You should update your software regularly. You can either check for updates manually, or configure WebDrive to check for updates each time it launches.

1. Launch WebDrive

2. Click the Settings icon

3. To manually check for an available update, click “Check for update”

4. Check the box for “Check for program updates” to automatically check for updates

5. WebDrive can update and then restart itself to update. No system restart required.


Visit our Knowledgebase for articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

You can submit a support ticket directly from within WebDrive:

1. Click on the “More Actions” icon at the top right of the screen in WebDrive.

2. Choose “Submit Ticket”.

3. Fill out the form and attach any relevant log files if applicable. Submit.

4. You can also link directly to the Knowledgebase and Support pages from this menu.