Host Key Management with WebDrive

Host Key Authentication with SFTP

SFTP uses Secure Shell (SSH) to encrypt data in transit with a set of matching but different keys, called a key pair. One key is public, so it can be given to anyone, who can then use it to encrypt data. That data can only be decrypted by the matching private key, which the owner keeps secret.

Both the client and server using SFTP should generate a separate host key pair and exchange public keys. Both parties can then send encrypted data that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

Configuring WebDrive

1.   Launch WebDrive

2.   Find the SFTP connection you’ve created in WebDrive and select the “Edit” icon

3.   Click “SFTP Settings”

4.   Check the box for “Use the following host key to authenticate”

5.   Click “Select” to search and choose the Host Key file

6.   Enter the Host Key Password

7.   Connect to your SFTP Server

Your site is now ready for use. WebDrive will display your server connection as a mapped drive letter.