Host Key Manager

Host Key Manager

Create an SFTP Site Profile

Begin by launching your WebDrive administrator and creating a new site profile:

  1. Select SFTP for your site profile protocol. Click Next.
  2. Enter your connection information (URL, username, password, etc).
  3. Click Advanced Settings and select the SFTP Settings tab. Click the “...” button near the bottom to select a host key to use to authenticate your SFTP connection. Select your Host Key Set by using the drop-down arrow. Type your host key set Password and then click Next.
  4. You should be able to connect to the server now, if you test it. If you do not successfully connect you will receive an error message explaining why you cannot connect. Click Close. Click Next.
  5. If you would like to Connect at login/startup, you may select this check box. Click Connect Now if you would like to connect to the site now. Click Finish.

Your Site is now ready for use. WebDrive will display your server connection as a mapped drive letter. Double-click the WebDrive tray icon to view the WebDrive Monitor or to disconnect from the server.

Can't find your host key?

If your host key is not listed, you can exit the Site Wizard to create a host key pair, import one, or complete your Site Profile setup without a host key.

The Host Key Manager is located by clicking App Settings in the main WebDrive menu and selecting the SFTP Settings tab.

Import or Create a Certificate

Click Create to launch the SSH Host Key Generation Wizard. Choose a key type and size (larger bit numbers create stronger keys, but may degrade performance). Click next and enter a name and a password, and choose the key type to generate.

Click Import to import an already-existing certificate and private key. Use the "..." button to navigate to the key you would like to import. Then enter your password, as well as a name to identify this specific key with.

Your certificate will be imported and added to the Certificate list.

Once the host key pair has been created or imported, you will need to export the public key (not the private key) and send it to your SFTP Server Administrator so they can load your public key into the server host key database. Select the Host Key Set you wish to export and click Export.

Best Practices

While it is possible to use the Host Key Management features in WebDrive to create user host key pairs to transfer to your clients, it is highly discouraged. It’s difficult to ensure the integrity of the transfer from the server computer to the client computer.

If it is impossible to have clients create their own host keys, and you must transfer a private key from one computer to another, ensure your transfer is secure. Export the keys to an encrypted USB drive, or encrypt the files onto a DVD/CDROM and physically hand deliver them to the client. Never email the host key files to the user. Email is natively insecure; there is no way to ensure the integrity of the files during electronic transfer.

Never share or send your private key to anyone; this will compromise the integrity of your host key pair. It’s good practice to password protect your private key as well, and Cornerstone MFT requires this.