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Use Cases

WebDrive used by organizations around the globe

Efficiently access massive data stores

Large data repositories aren’t practical to sync as they may contain multiple terabytes of data, exceeding the amount of hard drive space available on a typical computer. Cloud applications that sync files will always read from the local folder first.  If the local copy gets corrupted, you will not be able to access your cloud data, and may have to re-sync all your files.

This can all easily be avoided by using WebDrive as an access point for your important remote files.

WebDrive directly connects to all cloud resources quickly and with intelligent caching.

Many prominent research universities use WebDrive with OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive to access large data repositories, enabling them to take advantage of the cloud without the disadvantages of having to sync.

Cloud-enable custom applications and scripts

You can develop applications and scripts that are cloud enabled, and can access any remote server without the need to implement specific protocols or commands. With WebDrive installed on your company’s computers, any program that can write a file can instantly be integrated with your corporate SFTP or SharePoint server, and can read and write files to popular cloud services.  

Legacy desktop applications can also access the power of the cloud. Use WebDrive to map a drive to your cloud service of choice and configure your desktop app to read and write to the drive letter specified. You can even use WebDrive to access files from a command prompt. Just change to the drive assigned in WebDrive, and you can now execute commands and scripts for files in the cloud.

Access and Collaboration for S3, WebDAV, SFTP, OneDrive
WebDrive offers automated backups

Easily run automated backups

Backing files up can be a tedious process, and it’s something that people don’t often remember to do.

WebDrive can back up your files to a server and erase the local copy on your computer to save disk space or keep the copy locally if preferred. You can schedule backups according to your preferences and what keeps you most efficient. Backups can run when your computer is idle, so they don’t interfere with your schedule. Just set it and forget it.

WebDrive helps to keep everyone compliant, as part of corporate security policies or simply for the sake of protecting data.

Access corporate servers and cloud services as a UNC

If you manage multiples sites or have numerous cloud servers/services to connect to, you can easily access and manage them all through your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. WebDrive has the capability to make the number of connections nearly unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about running out of drive letters.

UNC connections can be used instead of a drive letter, or if all available drive letters have been used. If your users are accustomed to UNC connections in your local network configuration, or if you have custom applications that reference UNCs, WebDrive can make any remote service accessible as a UNC.

Map a Drive or use a UNC share to access Cloud, SFTP, WebDAV
WebDrive OEM Opportunities - over 2 million desktops use OEM versions of WebDrive

Embed the powerful WebDrive engine into your own cloud service with OEM licensing

Browser interfaces are common, but often lack the power and ease of a good application. WebDrive technology has been licensed to many cloud service providers to create a better user experience. Companies like France Telecom, XDrive, Novell Networks and Hong Kong Broadband are a few of the companies that have used WebDrive as part of their OEM services. Several public companies with hundreds of thousands of users currently embed WebDrive into their client applications.

For service providers with over 10,000 users, WebDrive can be a great value-add to your offerings, enabling access to your service from within every Windows or Mac desktop application that your customers use. WebDrive is workforce tested - used on more than 10 million desktops. Licensing WebDrive enables you to bring powerful client technology to your users faster and more economically than building new client interfaces.

To discuss licensing options, please contact bizdev@southrivertech.com