WebDrive Maintenance and Support Policy

WebDrive is a product of South River Technologies (SRT), a developer of software for secure file access and managed file transfer. This document outlines the support services that are available to WebDrive customers.

Support Levels

Support is available to customers who have purchased Maintenance and Support with their original license, or renewed their Maintenance and Support once it has expired. Support includes maintenance for the duration of the support term, which includes major and minor updates.

SRT provides the following levels of support based on license type, version, and status of the product:

Full Support

SRT provides “Full Support" for Licensed Software of the current major version AND with current Maintenance and Support . The licensed software installed must be the currently shipping version with all patches applied. Full Support includes online HelpDesk support and streaming support.

Support is initiated by registering an account on the online helpdesk and submitting a ticket.  An engineer will respond by email, and may, at their option, set up a streaming session.

Previous Version Support

Support on previous versions will be limited to configuration assistance. The resolution to identified defects in older versions of software will be to upgrade to the current version or to await the resolution to be applied to the current version and upgrade at that time.

Knowledgebase Support

SRT provides a comprehensive knowledgebase for self-service technical support. The knowledgebase is available to all customers and is the only support option available for customers without current maintenance and support in place.

Telephone and Premium Support

Telephone technical support, 24X7 support coverage and custom SLAs are available at an additional cost.  Contact sales@southrivertech.com for a price quote.

Expired Licenses

Maintenance and Support are not available to customers whose support term has expired and has not been renewed. Prior to maintenance and support expiration, the customer will be prompted via email to renew Maintenance and Support for the associated license. If you are unsure of when your license expires, you can run “Check for Updates” from your WebDrive console or contact sales@southrivertech.com to see when your current maintenance and support period will end.

SRT reserves the right to reduce or amend support service offerings available under this policy at any time, with or without notice.