When you install a new version of WebDrive, there is often a need for some kind of registration code, and if you do not have the correct one, your access may be restricted. Luckily, SRT regcodes are easy to find on your own from within the product interface. Here are some things to keep in mind:

When you update your product, make sure you are using the correct registration code. Your trial code will not work on the full product version, and your old registration key will not work on the new license or upgrade.  Server codes work ONLY on the server product you purchased, and WebDrive client codes work ONLY on the WebDrive product you purchased.

To locate your registration code(s) within the product, do this:

Go to Help/Info –> License Information to view your registration code, purchase date, license type and registration status, as well as the currently installed version number of WebDrive.

For more specific technical support issues, please review our Knowledgebase articles or submit a help ticket through our online helpdesk if you have an active Support Contract.