Do you have files stored on numerous cloud and corporate servers like Google Drive, SharePoint, or DropBox? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply access every one of those files from a single interface instead of having to download and sync each file on each server separately?

Accessing your cloud and corporate servers by using just one familiar program on your desktop is an easy solution to this time-consuming activity. This process, also known as drive mapping, creates a single interface to all of your cloud and corporate servers without the resource drain of syncing all of your files. You can directly access, open, edit, and save your files without having to download them. This provides convenient, familiar functionality so you have no new software to learn, leading to smooth integration and increased productivity. Utilizing mapped drives also makes it easy to transfer files from one storage location to another.

For more information on the convenience of mapped drive letters, watch this helpful video.

If you’d like to access your remote files through the convenience of a drive letter, download a free trial of WebDrive below.

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