Advanced Features


Mount Cloud and SFTP Servers as Network Drives

Supported Connectors

  • Amazon S3
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • SharePoint/Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • GroupDrive
  • FTP/S
  • SFTP
  • HTTP/S
  • WebDAV/S
webdrive 2019 screenshot
WebDrive Site Profile Settings
Comprehensive configuration options for secure connections.
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection - allows you to decide/whitelist which applications are allowed to modify files on your server, protecting you from ransomware and keeping you ahead of security threats.
  • “Shared with me” folders – for Google Drive, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business allow users to view/edit files and folders that other users have shared with them.
  • FTP resume interrupted download – if connection has been lost during a file transfer, WebDrive can resume from the point where the connection was lost, rather than restarting from the beginning.
  • Secure passwords – WebDrive uses S/KEY Password Encryption – Use MD4 & MD5 password encryption for supported FTP servers.
  • File caching – WebDrive caches both file and directory listings so you can access your data faster, and it won’t be lost in the event of a failure. You configure file caching and directory listing settings, giving you complete control over how much space is used.
  • File locking – when used with WebDAV servers. This prevents users from accidentally overwriting another user’s changes.
  • Compression for faster transfers – WebDrive supports ZLIB compression on SFTP transfers for faster transfer speeds.
  • Automatically mounts at start up – so there is no need to reconnect each time you restart your computer.
  • Integrate PC scripts and programs with remote files. Use WebDrive to add remote file access to any PC script or program. Your script can just read from or write to any drive letter that is mapped by WebDrive. There’s no need to program the specific protocol commands.
  • Map Windows drives to UNIX shares. WebDrive makes it easier to work with different platforms and environments.

Extend the functionality of your applications. These software vendors have recommended WebDrive:

  • GoodSync
  • BeyondCompare
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • SugarSync

These vendors recommend WebDrive to securely connect to their services: