There are many FTP clients on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is best. Free clients are popular, but typically lack the security features that some paid FTP clients offer. This article details some of the best free and paid FTP clients available, and is a derivative of an article published by

WebDrive is [a] premium FTP client that’s easy to use thanks to its simple interface. It allows you to work with cloud storage and corporate servers through one common access point. It also allows you to preconfigure settings (such as protocols, IPs, ports, etc) and push them out to your users in order to reduce the installation setup time.

Notable WebDrive features:

  • Supports SFTP
  • Uses S/KEY Password Encryption (MD4 & MD5 for supported FTP servers)
  • Supports file caching for quicker access
  • Offers a backup utility
  • Supports ZLIB compression on SFTP transfers
  • Access SFTP or cloud servers as mounted devices

Interested in trying WebDrive? Download a 10-day free trial below.

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