Are you an ExaVault customer or are you looking for a truly frictionless way to access your remote files all in one place?  WebDrive File Access Client is the perfect solution. WebDrive allows you to access your ExaVault server (or any other remote storage) directly in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder as a drive letter, as if it were a drive on your computer.  You can even map unique drive letters to different folders on your server.

Follow these easy steps to connect your ExaVault account:

  1. Open your WebDrive application.
  2. Click on “New” to set up a new connection.

WebDrive setup window


3. Select the appropriate connection. Exavault uses SFTP as the protocol.

WebDrive server connection setup


4. Continue through the setup process.

Additional Configuration

Next, you’ll enter the configuration settings needed to access your ExaVault account. WebDrive will do a quick test to make sure you have entered all of your settings correctly.

Test connection feature


Once you have the initial connections set up, you can begin customizing.  You can choose a site name for the storage location and select a drive letter to map to your ExaVault account. You can also choose to automatically connect to your ExaVault account each time you login to or start your computer.

Enter general host settings for sftp connection


File Access

Once everything is set up, you will be able to see all the files and folders that are in your account. WebDrive allows you to browse and interact with all of the files as if they were on your local desktop.

WebDrive mapped to drive W in Windows Explorer


To upload files, open a new window. Locate the files that you want to upload and drag and drop them directly into your desired ExaVault folder.  You can easily download files as well — locate the files to download, then drag and drop them into the desired location on your computer.

ExaVault WebDrive file transfer in progress


Automate File Transfers

WebDrive offers a backup option that allows you to specify what type of backup you’d like completed.  Whether you want to have files from your local system automatically copied up to ExaVault or files downloaded from ExaVault to your local system, setup is a breeze.

Choose type of backup job


WebDrive also allows you to schedule backups to run automatically (e.g. 10PM each night), or you can choose to run them manually at any time.

Synchronize ExaVault files with WebDrive


WebDrive offers a truly seamless way to connect to your ExaVault account! For more information on setting up WebDrive with ExaVault, view the tutorial video and FTP client support page.